Stella Fiore

Let's tell your story

The Edwin Gould Foundation, The Heckscher Foundation for Children, JUMP Math, 1Mission, Quill, Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, and WE Charity.


"Stella brought to SEO a level of communications experience and thinking that had an immediate impact on the organization in furthering its mission." --Julian Johnson, Executive Vice President, Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, Inc.


“I hired Stella after she was recommended to me by a trustworthy professional contact. The assignment was to work as a ghostwriter on revamping a complex and high-profile position paper. Stella stepped in, quickly earned the trust of all parties involved, became steeped in foreign subject matter, and crafted a beautiful work of art that struck just the right tone to move forward with. She is articulate, professional, curious, pleasant, and extremely talented.” --Rebecca Ostrov, Global Head of WE Schools and Director of Development, WE Charity


“Stella is a smart and highly strategic communicator. I've watched her use her genuine humor, kindness, and tact to get the best out of even the most difficult people.” --Peg Tyre, Director of Strategy, The Edwin Gould Foundation


“Stella’s work has resulted in new relationships for us with top education journalists, and helped us cement key partnerships and funding for our expansion into the US.” --Scott McMeekin, CEO, JUMP Math